It seems like more and more people are finally getting it! PLAY is important for kids. They need time to play with out adult distractions. Adults should be around so if children ask for assistance or need something you can provide it.

Last October when I visited the Forest Nursery School Programs in Scotland and England it was amazing. The children knew their boundaries, they knew the adults were there to assist them if requested. There was no fighting, no getting in trouble, children were completely engaged in what they were doing.

We need to give children the respect they deserve, the time they need and provide the boundaries, loose parts, opportunities and provocations. They will learn to assess risks, they will become very confident and as they get older will even risk assess for the younger children. I think Play is the way to grow creative, intelligent, cooperative, caring, problem solving, capable adults. If we want productive workers in the future we need to let them play as children.

Zepeda Learning and Leadership will be creating play and nature based training’s in 2018. You can attend in person at our site or yours, by interactive live webinar or we have several home study classes you can do at your own pace.

I’m looking forward to May when we will be going to Scotland and England for the Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul conference and Forest Nursery School Tours. Our small group will visit several sites.

It isn’t too late to register for the Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul with Nature and Play Child Care Conference 2018  in Tulum Mexico November 29th to December 6th 2018 or stay until the 9th to attend the post conference.


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