cashWe have great news to share Zepeda Learning and Leadership is now able to accept vouchers for the Family Child Care Scholarship. You must be the provider named on an Oregon registered family or certified family child care license. You can send in the application and request a voucher to pay for your training up to $200. Or if you have already paid for and taken a training you can send in the application to be reimbursed.

Please take advantage of these scholarship dollars and the reimbursement for your CPR and First Aid training. For the CPR reimbursement just send in the completed reimbursement form, copy of receipt and cards.

As your former union representative I can tell you it took a lot of negotiations to get the state to agree to give us the CPR and first aid reimbursement. The last contract that  I negotiated dollars for family child care training. The way the state used the training dollars was different from what we had discussed but at least it was training money for you. The last contract the union negotiated to use the negotiated dollars as scholarships and reimbursement so you have more choice in how you spend your training dollars. It is important that you take advantage of these scholarships so the union can negotiate for an increase in the next contract or hopefully finally get the state to agree these dollars can be used for employee training too.

I have been asked by some why should I use the scholarship or reimbursement when I can write the training off on my taxes. My response is use those dollars to start or contribute to a retirement account, do something for yourself, or put it into your business in some other way.

I have lots of classes scheduled including live interactive webinar classes. April the focus is on Program Management (PM) and Personal, Professional and Leadership Development (PPLD). Let me know which training areas you need and I can help you to reach your goals. Check out our training catalog and check back we will update it as we receive approval for new set 2 and 3 classes.

Contact us by phone/text 503-949-5439, or complete the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you to reach your training and business goals.




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