Welcome to Genealogy Fun with Faye.  Are you curious about your family history, or are you stuck at a brick wall pulling your hair out in frustration. Did you get your DNA test results back and you are totally surprised and/ or confused by them. We can help you figure it out.

We have several ways we can help you to discover your family history and decipher that DNA test. We offer live interactive workshops online, workshops in person, consulting or we can build your family tree for you.

Free 30 minute consultation to get started. Complete the intake form and decided what your genealogy and / or DNA goal is. We will chat and figure out exactly what we can do. We have several memberships to genealogy research websites, membership to different associations, forums and societies.

You can purchase our service by the hour or as a package. You will also be billed for any expenses such as ordering birth, death or marriage certificates, other documents or travel. Expenses is always with your approval.


Bye the hour             $  65.00

5 hour package        $ 290.00      ($58 an hour)

10 hour package      $ 550.00      ($55 an hour)

We have DNA kits available ask for the price Currently $75.00 for the kit or $100 for the kit with an hour of consultation.

Complete the Genealogy Research Intake Form