Buying musical instruments in Mexico.
Buying musical instruments in Mexico.

Diversity Exploration – Genealogy with Children and Families – Let’s explore diversity – what makes us different and alike? We will explore our cultural, ethnic and ancestral identity. Explore and discuss several genealogy activities that you can do with the families who attend your program. Are we all cousins? We will examine DNA and family trees. To prepare for the training research your family including geographical, culture and ethnicity. Set Two; 6 hours; CKC Diversity & Families Community Systems; Infant/Toddler, Preschool. School age; Trainer Faye Zepeda

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Training by Joyce McCoy

Cooking International Foods with and for Children in Child Care Settings – In this class providers will explore using international foods as a part of an anti-bias environment. Providers will examine new recipes to cook with and for children and strategize methods to incorporate foods from other countries into the child care setting. Set 2; 3 hours; D; Infant/Toddler, Preschool, School Age; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Cultural Explorations in Child Care Settings – This class will explore a variety of activities, at all age ranges, to assist providers in developing a multicultural child care environment. Providers will examine ways to incorporate multiculturalism seamlessly into the child care environment. Bring your ideas to share. Set 2; 3 hours; D, Infant/toddler, Preschool, School Age; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Family Composition As An Aspect of Diversity – The definition of family has been rapidly evolving. Come explore the wealth of family compositions and examine your feelings around them. Examine how your own feelings around families influence you as a provider and your program. Develop strategies for improving your program and creating an inclusive environment for children and families. Set 2; 6 hours; D; Ages NOT APPLICABLE. Trainer Joyce McCoy

International Children’s Games – Come to this class to explore games from around the world. Practice a few and examine ways to include international games as a way to enhance the cultural diversity of your child care program. Set Two; 3 hours; Diversity; Infant/Toddler, Preschool, School Age; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Religious Diversity in Child Care Settings – Religious Diversity in Child Care Settings This class covers serving children of diverse religious backgrounds in a child care setting. Come examine a variety of religions and explore ways to provide accommodation and acceptance of children’s unique spiritual culture. Set 2; 3 hours ; (CKC) Diversity; Ages ALL; Trainer Joyce McCoy

The Changing Face of Diversity in Oregon Child Care – Participants will examine the ethnic and racial makeup of families in child care today and the anticipated change in the next ten years. What changes if any will child care programs need to consider? Participants will evaluate their programs and develop a plan for a more diverse child care program. Set 2; 3 hours; (CKC) Diversity; Ages ALL Trainer Joyce McCoy

Strategies to Develop Equitable and Diverse Programs – What does equity mean? Understanding and applying the concept can help providers grow programs that allow EVERY child an equal opportunity to succeed now and later in life. Set 2; 4 hours; Diversity; Ages ALL Trainer Joyce McCoy