The World's End. This is where the world ended for the people who lived with in the gates to the castle. This was just inside the gates to the castle in Edinburgh Scotland.
The World’s End. This is where the world ended for the people who lived with in the gates to the castle. This was just inside the gates to the castle in Edinburgh Scotland.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid : How you can have a play based program in today’s world – It is time to stand up and educate parents and policy makers about play based developmentally appropriate childhood programs. We will look at theories around designing, implementing and critically evaluating child directed play environments. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid design your program the way you want it and become articulate and advocate on why it is appropriate for kids. Set Three; 3 – 6 hours; CKC FCS and LEC

Diversity Exploration – Genealogy with Children and Families – Let’s explore diversity – what makes us different and alike? We will explore our cultural,
ethnic and ancestral identity. Explore and discuss several genealogy activities that you can do with the families who attend your program. Are we all cousins? We will examine DNA and family trees. To prepare for the training research your family including geographical, culture and ethnicity. Set Two; CKC D & FCS; 3 – 6 hours; Infant/Toddler, Preschool. School age

What’s Your Color? How Knowing Your Color Can Help You Communicate and Work with Other Adults! – We will explore different temperament personality traits. Participants will take the Colors Temperament and Personality Style Indicator. We will examine the results and discuss how we can use what we have learned to develop positive partnerships with parents and strategies to enhance internal communication with co-workers and with the provider’s own family members.FCS
PM; 3 – 6 hours; 3 hours adult education;

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Training by Joyce McCoy

Encouraging Family Engagement – How do you get families to participate in their child’s program? Families are busier than ever so providers need to find a variety of ways parents can engage with the program and their child’s early care and education. Let’s explore this difficult topic and strategize solutions to get parent’s and caregivers engaged in the process of early care and education. Set Two; 6 hours; FCS; Ages NOT APPLICABLE Trainer Joyce McCoy

Models of Parent Conferences – Parent conferences can take many forms. Come to this training to investigate different conference styles. Parent conferences offer the opportunity to share children’s growth and development with families. Trainer Joyce McCoy Cost: $60, additional staff from same program site $10.00 each. (max 2 discounted participants per site, max 6 discounted participants per class). – Set 2; 3 hours; FCS Trainer Joyce McCoy

Ouch! Biting Hurts: Implementing Best Practices In Early Childhood Care – Come to this training to explore strategies providers can use to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers curb the urge to bite. When is biting a normal developmental stage and when is it concerning? How to document incidents. Practice using effective techniques for conversations with parents after biting incidents. Set 2, Infant/Toddler Preschool, CKC 1 hour FCS, 5 hours UGB

Positive Communication with Parents During Stressful Situations Child care providers are often placed in difficult situations with families. This training will explore methods to maintain positive communication with parents even when discussing difficult things as well as how the provider can be supportive to parents and manage conflicts with families when they arise. Set Two: 3-6 hours (CKC) FCS, Ages NOT APPLICABLE

Supporting Children and Families Struggling with Separation: Working with Families Series – Separating can be extremely difficult for some parents and for some children come to this class to learn ways to support families and children to smooth the transition process and support the all-important parent and child attachment. Set 2; 6 hours; FCS 3 hours, HGD 3 hours; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Supporting School Age Learners During a Pandemic Examine Rules, Regulations and Policies to Understand Your Role – In this training providers will strategize how to support online education for school age children. Explore techniques to develop links and partnerships with families, schools and state agencies. We will explore standards, policies, regulations, and laws, and the modifications needed to support school age learners during the pandemic. Set Two Standards; 3 – 6 hours; FCS and PM; No Age-Related Content

When to Encourage Parents to Delay Kindergarten Entry – Many factors influence kindergarten readiness not just knowing their name and colors. In this class we will explore what realms of development to consider and when it might be helpful to delay kindergarten entry or if it might be harmful to wait. This class will look at a variety of developmental areas to consider when preparing to send children off to kindergarten. Set 2; 6 hours; FCS 3 hours, HGD 3 hours; Trainer Joyce McCoy