Guatemala buckle up
Guatemala buckle up

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

CPR, First Aid and AED trainingMeets state and national certification requirements for infant, child and adult CPR.

The Effects of Stress, Violence, Trauma, and Abuse on Child Development Develop new knowledge about current research on the effects of stress, violence, trauma, and abuse on brain development. Develop strategies to support the development of children who have experienced stressful conditions, and strategies to minimize the exposure of children to stress and trauma.    Set Two; CKC HSN; 3 – 6 hours; Infant/Toddler, Preschool.

Family Child Care Emergency Preparedness Participants will examine emergency plans and discuss how to implement these plans into their policies and required drills. We will discuss how to select and/or develop curriculums and implement them in their programs to teach children about fire and other emergencies and natural disasters.    Set Two; CKC HSN; 1 to 3 hours

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Joyce McCoy Training

Exploring Methods to Support Children with Feeding Issues – Come to this class to explore feeding issues that some children may experience and techniques to support children to eat safely. Examine the range of expert assistance available and any and all necessary training that may be needed. Set 2; 3 Hours; HSN; all ages Trainer Joyce McCoy

Handling Picky Eaters in Child Care – Picky eating is usually at its worst in toddler and preschool years. This class will explore educating parents about picky eating and nutrition and methods to support children to try new things, eat healthy, and listen to their bodies. Set 2; 3 hours; HSN; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Using Trauma Informed Care in Childcare Settings– Trauma-informed care involves educating providers on the impact of childhood trauma on children. This class will study the signs and symptoms of trauma on children and those supporting them. Participants will learn ways to build environments, practices and policies that prevent further trauma. Set 2; 6 hours; HSN; Trainer Joyce McCoy