Visiting a public school in Costa Rica. With limited funding they offer a wonderful program to the children.
Visiting a public school in Costa Rica. With limited funding they offer a wonderful program to the children.

Nature and the Arts : Designing and Evaluating Art Experiences – Lets get together and design some fun art experiences out in nature and using nature as our inspiration. As we design the experiences we will discuss the evaluation of the experiences, how they fit into your program philosophy, how they can be adapted for all ages. Lets not forget educating parents and community members about these art experiences. Set Three; All Ages; CKC- LEC; 3 to 6 hours

Beyond Storybooks: Six Sensational Story Structures – Explore the basic elements of a story. Review six alternative story structures, methods, techniques, and approaches (Puppets, Flannel board, Painting/Storyboards, Sculpture, Rhyme, and Song). Connect story structures to early literacy skill development. Expand the storybooks you have. Create new resources to tell favorite stories.   Set Two; CKC LEC; 3 to 6 hours; Infant/Toddler, Preschool

Brain Compatible Childhood Care & Education – This research-based class will go in depth into the theory and practice of childhood care and education. Be prepared to do some practicum between class sessions. Learn why you should always consider the brain when you are planning your program environment and activities.   Set One; CKC LEC

Visiting a private school in Costa Rica
Visiting a private school in Costa Rica

Creative Curriculum Series

Developing an Educational Environment in Your Family Child Care Home, Participants will explore creating a framework to promote an educational environment. You will create strategies in each area of the framework to introduce new content. Explore tools that you and the children in care can use to document their learning experiences.   Set Two; 1 to 3 hours; CKC LEC

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid : How you can have a play based program in today’s world – It is time to stand up and educate parents and policy makers about play based developmentally appropriate childhood programs. We will look at theories around designing, implementing and critically evaluating child directed play environments. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid design your program the way you want it and become articulate and advocate on why it is appropriate for kids. Set Three; 3 – 6 hours; CKC FCS and LEC

Environments with the Brain in Mind

Exploring Cooking Curriculum with Young Children – We will explore cooking activities that promote development and learning. Participants will practice using cooking tools and strategies to teach math, science, language arts, nutrition, teamwork, fine motor skills and social development. We will explore how to use cooking activities with all ages of children. Set Two; 1 to 3 hour training; CKC LEC

Exploring Strategies to Promote Development and Learning through Bubble Fun – Have fun while exploring strategies to promote learning and development blowing bubbles. Everyone loves to blow bubbles, they are amazing to watch and make. This will be fun, hands on training using everyday items and ingredients. You will be surprised how much children are learning and developing while blowing bubbles.   Set One; 1 -3 hours; CKC LEC, All Ages

Nature-Based Materials and Activities for the Early Childhood Environment – In this class participants will examine ways to enhance nature exploration in their indoor environment. Participants will explore activities, materials, and resources to engage children with nature and using nature to engage children’s excitement for learning. Set Two; 1 – 3 hours; CKC LEC

Science Fun Strategies For All Ages – Participants will explore science experiments that promote development and learning. We will examine how teaching fun science experiments, develops children’s development and learning. Science strategies teach math skills, cause and effect, cognitive development, language arts, vocabulary, teamwork, and social skills. We will explore how to adapt science experiments for children of all ages.   Set Two; 1 to 3 hour training, CKC LEC

Strategies to Support Learning and Development Using Technology –Explore different forms of technology to promote children’s development and learning. Participants will discuss developmentally appropriate ways to use technology with children of all ages. Explore different forms of technology that providers may choose to use in their programs.   Set Two; 1 – 3 hours; CKC LEC; Ages All

The Role of Technology in Nature – We will explore approaches, strategies, and tools to promote development and learning in nature. We explore using technology as a tool to promote development and learning with nature. Opening the door and exploring the outdoors is a fantastic tool to promote children’s development. Bringing the nature in doors is also a great tool for your program.   Set Two; 1 to 3 hours; CKC LEC; All Ages

Transforming Storybooks: Using Alternative Story Structures – Explore the basic elements of a story. Explore six alternative story structures, methods, techniques, and approaches (Puppets, Flannel board, Painting/Storyboards, Sculpture, Rhyme, and Song). See examples of favorite stories in the different structures and take home designs, templates and patterns to transform storybooks into different structures.   Set Two; CKC LEC; 1 to 3 hours; Infant/Toddler, Preschool.

Using the Power of Bulletin Boards to Enhance Children’s Learning –In this fun class we will explore strategies to use bulletin boards in your program as a teaching tool for children and/or parents. Explore approaches to extend children’s learning at home using bulletin boards to demonstrate to parents what children are learning in your program. Discussion of tools, techniques and lots more to promote development and learning.   Set Two; 1 to 3 hours; training; CKC LEC; All Ages

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Training by Joyce McCoy

Folk Games and Toys of Early America Come to this class to explore some of the traditional games and toys of the early American settlers. Practice a few games and explore the handmade toys of colonial and pioneer America. Examine ways to enhance children’s understanding of history, culture, and the diversity of the American population. 1-3 hours Set 2 (CKC) LEC, Ages ALL

Mindfulness for young Children Join this class to explore ways to add mindfulness activities to your program. We will practice mindfulness activities for young children of all ages.  Explore strategies to add mindfulness exercises into your daily routine. 6 hours; set 2; LEC;

Science Center Essentials This class will explore what are the essential elements to include in the science center of early childhood programs. 1-3 hours Set 2 (CKC) Learning Environments & Curriculum Ages ALL

Smoothing transitions Transitions can be the most difficult times for young children. In this class we will explore transitions and transition systems and practice transition activities. Participants will have the opportunity to create and bring home a transition tool and develop their own a transition activity to use in their program.   3-6 hours Set 2 (CKC) Learning Environments & Curriculum, Ages ALL

Supporting Gifted Learners of All Ages in Early Childhood Programs – Join this class to examine giftedness in young children and explore the characteristics of gifted learners. You will develop a plan to support gifted learners in your program Set 2, HGD, LEC

Using cooperative games to foster the development of cooperative play In this training, participants will explore the theory of cooperative play, examine and practice a variety of cooperative games appropriate for use with young children, learn strategies to enhance teamwork and inclusion, learn to develop and implement games of their own. 1-3 hours Set 2 (CKC) Learning Environments & Curriculum

Worksheet free! Integrating mathematics into the early childhood environment Children investigate and develop cognitive skills by touching, handling, doing and exploring. Examine ways to throw out the worksheets and create a math rich environment where children can explore and learn mathmatical concepts naturally. During this training participants will explore ways to bring math activities seamlessly into the early childhood environment.1-3 hours Set 2 (CKC) Learning Environments and Curriculum, Ages Birth-5