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Computer Basics for Childhood Care and Education Programs

Developing Child Care Policies and Contracts – Bring your policies and contracts to this training so you can analyze their effectiveness. You will examine your program philosophy and how to incorporate it into your policies. Participants will examine accepted policies and contract elements. Participants will develop new policies and contract elements to better communicate and set boundaries with their child care clients. We will strategize the implementation of your new policies and contracts.   Set Two; 1 to 3 hours, CKC PM

Developing Family Child Care Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business – Participants will exam which of their current marketing strategies are working. Participants will learn how to develop a variety of marketing materials to promote their business to potential clients. You will also explore ways current families and organizations can help you promote your business.   Set Two; 3 to 6 hours; CKC PM

Family Child Care Record Keeping Strategies (for tax purposes) Participants will learn how to implement strategies to develop business record keeping practices into their family child care businesses. Participants will examine their past practice to determine if they claimed all of the business hours and deductions legally allowed by the IRS.   Set Two; 3 to 6 hour training; CKC PM

Gizmos and Gadgets to Enhance Your Business – This training will explore strategies using gizmos and gadgets to enhance communication with families, staff and the community. Participants will also examine the application of accepted business practices using modern gadgets.     Set Two; 1 to 3 hours; CKC PM

Making Money in Family Child Care – Make money by being organized. This class will teach you how to record and track your expenses in order to pay less in taxes. Learn from my 15 years of family child care experience and education. Do you know what receipts to keep? Do you know how to write off household items that you use everyday in your business? Do you know if the cost of this class is a business expense? I will answer these questions and more. You will also learn about several systems to organize your receipts and records, so you can find the system that works best for you.   Set One; 1 to 3 hours; CKC PM

Social Media to Improve Child Care Programs – Providers will have fun at this training on using social media technics to improve relationships with families, colleagues and the community. You will examine social media for marketing and public relations. This is the age of social media. Get on board so you are not left behind.   Set Two; 1 to 3 hours; CKC PM

The Business of Training – Are you struggling with how much to charge? Do you need a business name? Do you wonder what expenses you can write off? You will gain knowledge on how to organize and operate your training business. Understand the importance of networking with other trainers and community partners. You will leave this training with an action plan for your training business.   Set Two; 3 to 6 hours; CKC PM (Adult Ed)

How to Class? During this training you will learn how to set up a business website and social media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook. Learn how to turn the required QRIS family survey into a survey to get a better response from families. We will also look at how to use the ASQ Oregon in your program. And last but not least you will be learning about participating in live webinar trainings and also how to participate in training at your own pace at home. All of this without ever leaving your home. Set One; 3 hours; CKC PM

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Training by Joyce McCoy

Supporting School Age Learners During a Pandemic Examine Rules, Regulations and Policies to Understand your Role – In this training providers will strategize how to support online education for school age children. Explore techniques to develop links and partnerships with families, schools and state agencies. We will explore standards, policies, regulations, and laws, and the modifications needed to support school age learners during the pandemic. Set Two Standards; 3 – 6 hours; Families & Community Systems and Program Management; No Age-Related Content

Writing Policies and Procedures – Come to this class to delve into writing comprehensive policies and procedures. We will explore the differences between the two and delve into the legal and ethical issues around policies and procedures. We also will discuss the policy needs for providers participating in the SPARK program. Set 2, CKC Program Management, 3 – 6 hours, (in person & online)