Step Back from the End of Your Rope – Strategies to Guide Children During Challenging Times – We will discuss guidance strategies and techniques to use during challenging times. We will also explore techniques for observing and assessing challenging behaviors. These strategies
and skills will assist you during those times when you feel you are at the end of your rope. Set 2, CKC O & UGB, 6 to 10 hours, Infants / toddlers, Preschool, School age

Training by Joyce McCoy

Managing bullying in young children This course will explore bullying in preschool and school age years as well as partnering with parents to prevent and rectify bullying. This training will also explore the role of the teacher bully and how you can assess yourself and the teachers who work with you to prevent bullying. 3-6 hours Set 2 (CKC) UGB, Ages 3-12

Childhood Care and the Inclusion of Children with Conduct and Behavioral Disorders Examination of several specific behavior disorders, exploring the common links and differences between them. Participants will practice strategies for the implementation of crisis plans, behavior plans, and behavior analysis. 3-6 hours Set 2 (CKC) SN 4 hours and UGB 2 hours

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