Step Back from the End of Your Rope – Strategies to Guide Children During Challenging Times – We will discuss guidance strategies and techniques to use during challenging times. We will also explore techniques for observing and assessing challenging behaviors. These strategies
and skills will assist you during those times when you feel you are at the end of your rope. Set 2, CKC O & UGB, 6 to 10 hours, Infants / toddlers, Preschool, School age

Training by Joyce McCoy

Appropriate Guidance and Discipline Practices in Early Childhood Settings, Guidance and discipline techniques acceptable in each state evolve over time. This class will explore current best practices, de-escalation strategies for difficult behaviors, keeping students safe when they can’t keep themselves safe, keeping others safe when a child is unable to be safe, and implementation of positive guidance techniques. Set 2, UGD, 6 hours Trainer Joyce McCoy

Child Care and the Inclusion of Children with Conduct and Behavioral Disorders Examination of several specific behavior disorders, exploring the common links and differences between them. Participants will practice strategies for the implementation of crisis plans, behavior plans, and behavior analysis. Set 2; 6 hours; 2 hours SN and 4 hours UGB; Preschool, School age; Trainer Joyce McCoy

De-escalation : A Fancy Word For Helping A Child Calm Who Can’t Do It By Themselves -This course will examine the curve of escalation to understand how best to approach a situation at different times. You will learn and practice methods to help children calm when they need adult support and practice keeping yourself calm in the moment. Set 2; 3 hours; UGB; Infant/Toddler, Preschool, School Age; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Managing bullying in young children This course will explore bullying in preschool and school age years as well as partnering with parents to prevent and rectify bullying. This training will also explore the role of the teacher bully and how you can assess yourself and the teachers who work with you to prevent bullying. Set 2; 6 hours; UGB, Preschool, School age; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Supporting children with challenging behaviors – This class will examine methods to support children who have challenging behaviors. Inspect methods to help children improve their behaviors and interactions with peers and staff. Set 2; 6 hours; UGB; Trainer Joyce McCoy

Ouch! Biting Hurts: Implementing Best Practices In Early Childhood Care – Come to this training to explore strategies providers can use to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers curb the urge to bite. When is biting a normal developmental stage and when is it concerning? How to document incidents. Practice using effective techniques for conversations with parents after biting incidents. Set 2; 3 Hour; 1 FCS and 2 UGB; Trainer Joyce McCoy

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