We’ve been coordinating conferences for childhood care and education professionals since 1994.

The conference is known as the Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul Child Care Conference. This conference is always held in a fun usually tropical location so you can not only gain new knowledge and skills but also take care of yourself and network with others during our fun week together. When ever possible we also visit school and/or child care, related programs or women’s collective where we learn about weaving, cooking and much more. We visited Forest Nursery School programs in Scotland and England in 2018, it was wonderful.

Every year the conference offers  participants at least 21 hours of training and educational activities, time to network with others, learn about the culture and nature around us.

You are encouraged to take time to relax and take care of yourself so you are prepared to provide the care you want to give to the children in your care. Some of the places we have traveled to the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Scotland and England. Where is your dream location? Now you can go on a wonderful trip and write it off as a business expense too. Many participants are like family and this conference seems like a family reunion each year. Everyone is always welcome to join our NYMBS family.

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